Let's build a business together. You bring an idea, deep product knowledge and a heart full of ambition. We'll bring the tools, team, infrastructure and network to make it a success.

What we look for What we bring Who we're backing

What We Look for

We have a skill for building and growing successful ecommerce businesses, but we can't be experts in every niche. That's where you come in.

Deep Niche Knowledge

Ideally, we want you to have a deep knowledge of the industry you want to start a business in. We know about ecommerce and growth, we need you to know about the niche.

Passion and Commitment

Every businesses needs a driving force, that needs to be you. We can build and market and open doors, but you need to be deeply passionate about making it work.

Idea or Early Stage

We like to get involved at an early stage, before too many of the specifics have been worked out. We can add a lot of value at this stage. We're talking idea stage early.

Business Models We Like

Value Added Retail

Do more than sell products. Offer a deeper value proposition to the customers; a real reason to choose you.

Subscription Ecommerce

Build a product that lends itself to being delivered regularly, generating predictable repeat purchases.


Connect buyers with sellers within a particular niche and take a commission.

Direct to Consumer

Cut out the middle man and sell products you produce directly to the consumer.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen... 

What We Bring to the Table

We have a formula for growth, it's a blend of tools, experience and process that delivers return in the shortest time, for the lowest cost. This is backed by a strong leadership and agency team to bring the vision to life.


Our technical team build the platform and deal with all things technical.


Our marketing team brings in customers and converts them.


Our creative team creates desire through compelling visual design and branding.

Warehousing & Fulfilment 

We can store and process orders from our shared fulfilment centre.

Virtual Financial Director

We'll provide a part-time finance director to tackle all financial planning and strategy.


We'll open the doors to our large network of experts and investors.

Fund Raising

We'll help you raise the next round of funding (if required) to accelerate growth of the business.


We'll help you recruit the right team as you grow.

Office Space

You can work from our office in the beautiful city of York. You'll be surrounded by your peers and experts.

Companies We're Backing

A disruptive diamond jewellery company that stretches budget and imagination further. They are also the first jeweller offering lab grown diamonds in the UK.

Visit Nightingale

A motorcycle culture brand selling premium apparel and accessories for those with petrol running through their veins.

Visit Greasy Kulture

A cocktail culture brand selling premium cocktail accessories, barware and glassware with eyes set on much loftier ambitions.

Visit Fine Drinking

A soon to launch disruption to the flowers market with a mission to empower independent florists creatively and financially.

Visit Kado

Ready to Take Your Idea Forward?

The first step is to complete our simple questionnaire, before engaging in a confidential chat to see if you're a good fit for Allies. If you are, we will invite you to a meeting at our offices, where we can discuss your idea in more detail and formulate a plan for moving forward...